Monday, September 3, 2012

Burlap Welcome Banner

Inline image 1

Inline image 1

I have a friend on Pinterest who always pins beautiful crafts made from burlap. I have always loved the look of this material and fell even more in love when I discovered how affordable it is! Taking a step into the fall decorating season (my favorite!) I decided to experiment with a simple welcome banner.

- I began by creating a simple template with an old cereal box from our recycle bin. Fold it in have to make it even on both sides!

-  Trace and cut out enough for your message. I did 7 for "Welcome".

- I used twine and my machine to attach each piece to create the banner.

- I wanted the letters to look neat so found a font I liked, typed what I wanted it to say (Welcome) and printed it to fit on my banner.

- I used the printed letters as a stencil under the burlap and painted over them with acrylic paint. I used tape to hold it in place while I traced over each letter.

- It looked great plain, but I love fabric flowers and decided to create two burlap flowers for the ends.  - There are several fabric flower tutorials out there. Here is one of my favorites.  Rolled Fabric Flower

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