Sunday, July 22, 2012

Breaking Ground

When we first moved into our new house ( last October), I knew this project HAD to take top priority! After the arrival of our daughter I began breaking ground. What I thought would be a quick excavation has required much more work than expected!

We had a slight delay when we discovered two baby bunnies seeking refuge in the overgrown mass. Several frogs had to be relocated as well! 

When I began pulling grass out, I discovered a thick mass of roots entangled in landscaping fabric! It had to be cut out piece by piece. Once that task was complete Chad helped out with the removal of the old box woods. It took some serious man power and an axe. The muddy ground made it much easier, Amen for summer storms!

Chloe enjoyed helping out!
I am so excited about our new empty space.. now we can move to the fun stuff! Time for collecting plants and working them into our little oasis! 

Our goal is to spend as little money as possible on this project. We will be collecting plants from other areas of our yard and friends and creating our own garden treasures! I will keep you posted on this project!

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