Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Developing Vision

I have been busy collecting plants and planning out our new garden space. My mother and I were able to score some beautiful Hostas and more Lariope, the grassy stuff (yes, I am crazy!). This time I will not be placing it directly into the ground. I am planting small clumps in pots and burying them in attempt to contain it. Only time will tell how well this serves its purpose! I will be sure to monitor its growth VERY closely.  This Sunday I will be going to dig up some gorgeous Iris to add to the collection. They are one of my favorites and I am so thankful to be getting them!

We need to replace the boards that ran along the edge to keep the gardens contents from spilling out onto the walkway. They will come this weekend as well. We are also looking to obtain a few landscape pavers to make a patio for our bistro set and walkways.

After removing all of the old plants, I spent several hours removing old boxwood and Yucca roots. I had to be careful in removing the Yuccas since a new one can sprout with a tiny piece of root! I know this will be a constant battle but I did my best. Once I was satisfied, I began leveling out the dirt and marking roughly where things are going to end up. (Notice the string and small sticks sticking out of the ground.) I also used a piece of grid paper to draw everything out for reference when I forget what I was originally thinking.

I placed a few plants and position our birdbath which was given to us by a family member.  I have special plans for it, you will have to wait to see!  I was sure to fill in underneath of it completely with rocks and clay to keep creatures from hiding.  

We still have a ways to go but are gradually getting there! I am thankful for everything that has been passed our way and excited to see it taking shape!

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