Friday, August 3, 2012

Cultivating Beauty

I have collected so many beautiful plants for our garden! I can’t thank those who have helped enough, especially my mother for keeping Luna company while I worked.  I did not fill all of our space so that we are able to add to it in the Spring. Until then, we still have a ton to do!

* The Camellia is in the orange oval. This will eventually reach 5-7' 
* The Gardenia is in the blue circle. This will eventually reach 3-4'

To Do:

 - Place the Border Boards
- Mulch
- Patio Pavers

Since our garden is mostly shaded throughout the day, I have had to search for shade tolerant plants. The plants in these areas include:
* There are also a few mystery plants. Once I figure it out I will share!

0802121947b.jpgThe front section of our garden gets a fair amount of sunlight and the plants in these areas include:

Here is my wish list to refer to in the Spring!
So far the only purchase I have made is the wood that will keep our garden from pouring out onto the sidewalk. That purchase was about $14. We are doing well! I have also made some fantastic finds and am so excited to upcycle them to fit into our garden! Pictures will be posted as soon as I get to those projects. Now, off to dig up a few more buckets of Iris!        

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