Monday, August 6, 2012

Let There Be Mulch!

We have made so much progress this past weekend. I planted all of the plants I collected in their new homes while Chad cut the boards for the border and repaired our birdbath. (This job deserves its own post!)  Today I picked up a load of mulch and was able to unload it into two of our flower beds! I was hoping to get mulch for free but ended up paying $25 for a scoop. Before you get mulch, check with your counties dump to see if any is available free of charge. You may have to load it yourself but hey, it’s FREE! I know in our area Henrico County has two locations that offer mulch. Check before you buy!!  While mulching, I left some areas open because I will be going to pick up our final load of plants this week. I love plant swaps!

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