Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Free Cycle Find

In my previous post you might have noticed the chair to the right of the garden. I love to re-purpose things and could not resist this fantastic (FREE) find!I found this chair on freecycle.org. If you have not heard of this site, check it out now! It is a place for people to list items they are seeking as well as items they are trying to get rid of. Type in your closest city and see what you can find!

When I placed it in our garden it didn't stand out enough, so I decided to paint it white. I used a paint that was a primer/ paint mix to get the best coverage possible with one step.

I really liked the color of the seat so covered it while I was painting. It was broken (which is why it was free) and my flower pot fits in there perfectly!

I love how it really stands out against the brick now! Another project complete, many more to go!!

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